The Private Gym For Men

The Private Gym is a comprehensive, interactive, follow-along exercise program that helps men strengthen the pelvic floor and perineal muscles that support sexual and urinary health. The program was created by a Maryland based company founded in 2012 that is an innovative fitness/exercise organization dedicated to helping men and women improve their sexual and pelvic health safely and naturally through targeted pelvic floor exercises. Supported by a team of urologists, physiotherapists, and sexual health educators, the company launched Private Gym for Men in July 2014, with an anticipated release of the Private Gym for Women in 2015.

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study demonstrated that erectile dysfunction is present in 40% or so of men by age 40 with an increase in prevalence by approximately 10% for each decade thereafter. The status of the pelvic floor muscles appears to play a material role with respect to erectile function, with pelvic floor muscle contractility and strength correlating with erectile capacity. Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that pelvic floor muscle training can help reverse existing erectile dysfunction and boost sexual performance and reduce episodes of premature ejaculation.

The Private Gym program is a first line of defense against the onset of erectile dysfunction and can assist in reversing its occurrence. Safe, easy-to-use, natural, medically sanctioned and FDA registered, the Private Gym’s exercise routines and equipment strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles, as with all skeletal muscles, adapt to the stresses and resistances placed upon them. Applied exercise can enhance pelvic floor muscle strength, tone, durability and responsiveness, since muscles increase in strength in direct proportion to the demands placed upon them. The Private Gym program results in stronger pelvic floor muscles and consequently more rigid and durable erections as well as improved urinary health, because of the positive effects of pelvic muscle training on incontinence, overactive bladder, and post-void dribbling.

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