Male Pelvic Fitness



Dr. Siegel’s unveils the largely unrecognized and little known powers of the mysterious male pelvic floor muscles and how to harness their potential from the bedroom to the bathroom. Conferring advantages that go way beyond the sexual domain, these often-neglected muscles are also vital to male genital-urinary health and serve an essential role in urinary function, bowel function and prostate health. Virtually everybody is capable of achieving pelvic fitness through pelvic floor muscle training and reaping the tangible rewards and “member” benefits that result.

Published in 2014

Apple Books
Rogue Wave Press


We exercise to stay healthy and fit. We do interval training for our hearts and resistance work to sculpt our external muscles. However, there are other muscles—hidden from view—that also deserve to be kept in tip-top shape because they are crucial to our sexual and urinary health.

In Male Pelvic Fitness you will learn how to exercise these mysterious, but vital pelvic muscles that your penis and urinary system are dependent upon. Training them will make them stronger and help prevent problems in the future. Informative, entertaining and humorous, this book will allow you to achieve “fitness down below” and reap benefits from the bedroom to the bathroom.

For Men

This user manual to your man parts will show you how to make them work better, benefiting you from the bedroom to the bathroom.

For Women

This manual will help you better understand male pelvic anatomy and function and the non-invasive management of common sexual and urinary conditions.

For Health Professionals

This manual will help you better understand male pelvic anatomy and function and the non-invasive management of common sexual and urinary conditions.


I loved the book… A seriously great resource, reference, but rarely does a reference book, especially one that carries nothing but forbidden, blushing fruit, make the reader laugh so hard and feel so comfortable. I truly hope every man, and every woman that loves a man reads this book. Dr. Siegel makes it OK to acknowledge very private, ego endangering health issues, which can sometimes be life threatening. I am sure many men will now communicate with their doctor, even if it is just pointing to the book! Dr. Siegel clearly put his heart, soul, mind & passion into it.
Shira Litwack
Cancer Exercise Specialist & Health Coach and Master Trainer
Director of International Operations, Cancer Exercise Training Institute
Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health is a must read for men to understand the importance of maintaining pelvic health. It's a crucial component to achieving sexual health that doesn't include a magic pill, rather natural solutions and exercises that will help men achieve and maintain their overall sexual health and well being.
Emily Morse
Sex & Relationship Expert, Author, Host Of The Sex With Emily Radio Show
The author is to be highly commended for writing this unique book. It is unusual for a urologist to be interested in conservative therapy to this extent and to champion the use of pelvic floor exercises. He has explored the subject thoroughly and has produced an outstanding book containing detailed information of benefit to medical professionals and their patients. Indeed, it will be of value to all men from adolescence onwards. In a clear, logical and scientific approach, Dr. Siegel has researched the mechanism that produces a natural erection in healthy men and shows readers how, with the right regimen of exercises, erections can be improved to be even firmer and last longer. The same regimen of exercises can be used as a first-line remedy for men who have erectile dysfunction, as research has shown that 75% of men who have performed these exercises for 6 months are either cured or improved. It is my wish that this excellent book will be made available in all English-speaking countries and translated into other languages so that all men (and their partners) can enjoy richer and fuller lives.
Professor Grace Dorey
MBE, FCSP, PhD, Consultant Physiotherapist. She is the pelvic physical therapist responsible for the seminal research that determined the utility of pelvic floor muscle exercises in the management of male sexual dysfunction
Try a slow-fix, you may be surprised. I loved this book, but if you are like most patients in this country, I recommend that you skip this book. After all, you are likely looking for a quick fix- a pill or supplement to take. In Male Pelvic Fitness, Dr. Siegel advocates a slow fix. Rather than look for ways to treat disease, he looks for ways to promote health. Many of you will not bother to take the few minutes a day necessary to build the portion of your core that is essential for urinary and sexual function because it requires a sustained effort. Most of you don’t want to bother trying to actually change yourselves and create a sustainable improvement in your health and function. Most of you don’t want to learn more about your anatomy and function- even though education is the most potent enabler of health. For those of you that are more ambitious, however, this book provides the education, technique and mindset to change yourself- to use a “slow-fix” to improve your urinary and sexual health. Dr. Siegel does this by cleverly using the time-tested exercises of the pelvic portion of the core that have been utilized by women successfully for years called Kegels. The book is also skillfully organized so that, in each chapter, you can choose between the overall picture and the more interesting and specific details. The book is also packed with funny asides under the title “who knew”. This keeps what could be a dry topic, rather funny. Who isn’t interested in penis size or sexual prowess? If you have a medical problem, the most important things you can and should do are to, first, learn more about the problem you have and, second, look for a solution that comes from within, one that is natural and sustainable. Dr. Siegel accomplishes this and makes it not only easy to follow, but entertaining at the same time.
Dr. Patrick Roth
MD, Author of "The End Of Back Pain"